Diploma of Child Health (DCH) Clinical examination


This exam assesses whether candidates have reached the standard in clinical skills expected of a newly appointed General Practitioner (GP) who has completed a short period of training in paediatrics. DCH is available in the UK and some other countries, including India and Egypt.


Clinical Cases in Paediatrics: DCH Clinical examination - textbook

The DCH (Diploma in Child Health) gives recognition of competence in the care of children to General Practitioner vocational trainees, staff grades in paediatrics and trainees in specialties allied to paediatrics.

It comprises two exams, which must be sat in order:

  1. Foundation of Practice (FOP) theory
  2. DCH Clinical.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in: 

  • child development
  • clinical judgement
  • communication
  • establishing rapport with both parents and children
  • ethical practice
  • history-taking and management planning of chronic conditions
  • interpretation of data
  • knowledge and understanding of common problems in child health
  • organisation of thoughts and actions
  • physical examination
  • professional behaviour
  • safe prescribing.


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